6 Reasons Why Southeast Asia is the Best Backpacking Destination in the World

Southeast Asia has become one of the most popular destinations for budget travelers, to the point where it is now becoming a bit of a cliché. However, there is a reason why it is so popular with travelers. Many people go back-packing in South America and Europe, but in my humble opinion, the best place in the world to go backpacking is Southeast Asia. Below I am going to give you a number of reasons as to why I believe this.


The Food is to Die for

Asian food is one of the main reasons why you should pay a visit to Southeast Asia. I am going to put my head on the chopping block here and declare that the food that you will find here is some of the best food that you will taste in the whole world. From Vietnamese banquets to Thai street snacks to Malaysian curry, there is just so much deliciousness that you can try in this part of the world. You cannot find such colorful, diverse, vibrant, and tasty food anywhere else on this planet.

It is Very Budget-Friendly

The majority of backpackers have to stretch their cash as far as possible. However, in most places in Asia, the stress of stretching your money is less than when backpacking in other places. In most Asian countries you will be able to get by pretty well on $10-15 each day. The same funds that will cover a month of backpacking in Europe can cover at least three to four months of backpacking in Asia. There is nothing better than being able to backpack without having to stress a lot about your funds.

Easy to Travel About

Traveling about in places such as Australia and Europe can put a big hole in your budget but traveling around Southeast Asia is extremely cheap. There are many budget airlines and cheap public transport that will cost you a couple of pounds. Furthermore, many of the countries in Southeast Asia have gone out of their way to ensure that it is easy for foreigners to buy tickets and get to different places.


Beautiful Beaches

It is not an exaggeration to say that some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can be found in Southeast Asia. If you love your beaches, then this is definitely part of the world that you want to visit as the beach season never shuts and you can live like it is summer all year round. Throughout the year you can go scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Thailand, Bali, or Malaysia. You will be surrounded by so many different fish that you will not know where to look.

A Lot of History

Southeast Asia was home to some of the oldest civilizations, from the Javans to the Angkor, to the Champa. These ancient societies left some stunning relics and structures behind - you can pay a visit to the Angkor Wat ruins, take a look at the pagoda of Bagan, or be amazed by the hundreds of ancient temples that are scattered throughout the region. There is so much history to this part of the world, that you will need months and months to learn all about it.

The People Are Really Friendly

Wherever you travel in Southeast Asia, you will be met by locals with beaming smiles. In fact, there is actually a pretty big chance that you will be quite overwhelmed by the hospitality that the locals offer tourists. Do not be too surprised if one of the locals invites you into their house for something to eat and drink. If you do get invited into someone’s home, please do not turn it down as they will likely end up getting quite upset.